Jones Brothers Furniture Building

The Jones Brothers / Western Union project is a mixed-use development consisting of residential apartments, retail, and office space, along with the development of an associated parking area located in downtown Jacksonville, Florida.

It is comprised of 5 essential components – the historic renovation of the Jones Brothers Furniture Building, the repurposing the Western Union into a smaller footprint for retail space, a new urban courtyard, a new construction 2-story apartment building, and the modification to the parking areas on the western side of the site to connect through from Ashely to Church Streets.

The Jones Brothers Furniture Building is a 7 story Historic Landmark structure that is approximately 39,000 sf, which was originally constructed in 1926. The building was only ever utilized as a furniture store and has remained vacant since the late 1980s. The building shall be renovated into a mixed-use property. Level 1 shall contain the residential lobby, building service spaces, and future retail space. Levels 2-7 shall consist of 28 apartments, including residential amenities. The Jones Brothers Furniture Building renovation will be pursuing Historic Tax Credits through the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) following the NPS (National Park Service) Historic Preservation Standards and Guidelines.

The Western Union Building is a 13,000-sf existing commercial office building located at the corner of Church and Hogan Street. The proposed redevelopment of the Western Union building shall reduce its footprint to 4,000 sf of future office or retail space fronting Hogan Street. A new courtyard shall be developed on the site behind the retail frontage to create an urban outdoor space for both the retail component the new 2-story apartment building.

  • 7 story Historic Renovation mixed-use Development – 28 Apartment & Retail Space
  • 4,000 sf Retail Space
  • Urban Courtyard
  • 2 story, New Construction Apartment Building
  • Associated Parking/Sitework
  • Historic Tax Credits

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Jacksonville, Florida

Project Area:

100,000 ft2

Year Built:


Year Renovation:

2018 to present (in design)